Editorial Procedures For Submitted Manuscripts

All manuscripts submitted to the International Journal of Business & Econometrics (IJBE) are subjected to the following 2-stage review process.

Stage 1: Editorial Review

First, the Editor will determine whether the manuscript fits the scope of the journal and, also, if the research is sound. If the manuscript doesn’t meet these requirements it will be rejected.

In the second step it is verified whether the author(s) respects the ethical standards of the journal and, also, the manuscript is checked for plagiarism using iThenticate plagiarism checker software. If the author(s) does not complies with the ethical policies of the journal or plagiarism is detected, the manuscript will be rejected without undergoing the peer-review process.

Assuming the manuscript meets the ethical standards of the journal, the Editor determines if the manuscript has been properly prepared. The manuscript is sent back to the author(s) for revisions if it has not been properly prepared.

Stage 2:  Peer Review

The Editor will select at least two independent experts for a double blind peer review of the manuscript. All experts used in the double-blind peer review are volunteers. They have submitted their academic resumes to the Journal, and have been approved by the Editor and the Editorial board to review manuscripts within the scope of the journal. The official reviews, including all comments, are confidential and only made available to the Author(s).

Once both reviewers have submitted their reports, the Editor will notify the author(s) that the double-blind peer review process has resulted in one of the following outcomes:

  • The manuscript is accepted in actual form.
  • The manuscript is accepted pending minor revisions. The author(s) has one week to submit the revised article to the Editor.
  • The manuscript is accepted pending major revisions. The author(s) has one month to submit the revised article to the Editor.
  • The manuscript is rejected with an invitation to resubmit with major revisions. If one or both of the reviewers feel that the work needs further development and or additional research to justify the conclusions, they may request that of the author(s). Should the author(s) choose to pursue that course, they are invited to resubmit the work which will be returned to the same reviewers for additional consideration.
  • The manuscript is rejected.